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Former Ninjas In Pyjamas Coach Pita Reveals Why Lekr0 Removed From The Roster



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Faruk “pita” Pita is a 29-year-old Swedish CS:GO coach who was recently working for Ninjas In Pyjamas in between February 2018 and January 2020. Also, he worked for the NiP in 2014.

During the recent conversation with DeKay, Pita revealed his opinion about why Ninjas In Pyjamas parted ways with Jonas “Lekr0” Olofsson. He stated that after Lekr0 took responsibility and become the in-game leader. It affected his individual plays and cost him to be removed from the roster.

DeKay asked:

“How was that extended period of time between lekr0 joining and dennis leaving in March of 2019? You guys had some better performances and made the Quarterfinals at the IEM Katowice Major prior to him stepping down.”

Pita replied:

“A lot of things happened in that time. First we had a tournament where Dennis had gave up on calling against Optic last map. I remember I took four timeouts in a row just to call. When that happened I just knew that removing xizt was the wrong thing to do. Not saying that Dennis was a bad signing, but he was the wrong signing instead of xizt.

After ESL Cologne, Dennis said after that he didn’t want to be an in-game leader anymore. And it was at this point I was so frustrated about the removal of xizt. Not only did we lose an I game leader, but we also didn’t have any options back then.”

He continued:

“It felt like it was a dead end, but lekro stepped forward and said that he was ready to put his own success aside and be an in game leader instead. I thought that was very big of him to do, because he was never signed on the basis of being an in game leader, but he took that hit in order to “save” the team, and that’s something that cost him his spot in NiP today I believe.

If he would’ve been more selfish, he would still have been that star player he was when we got him, and no one would ever consider removing him. Because not only is he a great player, but also a great teammate. It’s enough to see one interview with him and you instantly realize what kind of person he is.”

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