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Former Overwatch Player Bani Reveals The Hardest Part Of Being A Coach



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26-year-old Canadian Overwatch player Chris Benell, known as “Bani,” had played for teams like Gale Force eSports, Houston Outlaws, FNRGFE and more. Since December 2019, he has been coaching for Washington Justice.

During the recent interview with Dot Esports, Bani explained the hardest and best parts of being a coach.

Dot Esports asked:

“What do you anticipate will be the hardest part about transitioning from a player role to a coaching role?”

Bani replied:

“Honestly, I think I am well prepared for the transition, given my experience and the mentality I’ve carried with me throughout pro play, so I don’t believe the transition will be that hard. The greatest challenge I’m anticipating is working with a larger portion of ESL [English as a Second Language] players and staff, which is a challenge that we all share.

I hope to be effective at communicating without using unnecessarily complicated language and to find creative ways to communicate beyond [the] use of a translator, which we do have to assist us when needed.”

Dot Esports asked:

“What’s your favorite part of coaching?”

Bani said:

“My favorite part of coaching is feeling justified and fulfilled in spending all my time analyzing the game and our gameplay without feeling like I need to go back to ranked to keep my mechanical skills consistently top-notch. I focused on this quite a bit as a player already and it feels quite freeing to be able to dive into analysis head-on, with no restriction. “

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