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Former PUBG Player TaylorJay Kills Himself After Attempting Homicide



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Taylor Jeffrey Johnson, known as “TaylorJay,” was a 24-year-old American PUBG player who had played for teams like eUnited, Exodus, and many more. Lastly, he was playing for YAHO.

Yesterday, TaylorJay wanted to attempt a homicide against a woman around North Carolina. After hours of the casing by the troops, TaylorJay left his car and went on foot. Around 7:30 PM, the police encountered TaylorJay, who shot himself afterward.

Even though the officers gave him immediate treatment at the scene, TaylorJay passed away due to his injuries. Fortunately enough, the North Carolina incident has managed to survive from the attempt.

Following the news, Valorant player Skyler¬†“Relyks” Weaver pointed out the mental health struggles that TaylorJay was going through and said that he was spouting some conspiracy theory within the community, which ended up shutting down his social media accounts.

Furthermore, TaylorJay’s former teammate from eUnited, Jaden “Vegas” James, mentioned that TaylorJay was one of the most positive people around the scene and paid his tribute to his friend.

“When I first met Taylor he had the most positive energy of anyone I had ever met, he always encouraged me to better myself and tried to make me smile,” Vegas said. “When he asked me for a tryout I gave him the chance and his positive energy blew me away.”

“Fast forward a few months we were traveling the world together for tournaments and he was there every step of the way for some of my best moments in PUBG. Rest in peace TaylorJay you will be greatly missed. Family forever”

Relkys on TaylorJay’s mental health problems:

“Yeah, crazy. What he did was awful but he was clearly struggling (and thankfully she survived). I was gonna say lastly I saw him he was spouting some conspiracy theory shit, and the blowback from it made him deactivate/delete his account if I remember correctly. Seems like he went down a bad path.”

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