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Former Rainbow Six Siege Player KingGeorge Has A New Idea For The Preparation Phase – Pengu Agrees With Him



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American former Rainbow Six Siege player George “KingGeorge” Kassa had played for teams like Rogue, Vertical Gaming, eRa Eternity and more. Since 2018, he has been streaming on Twitch. On 23 July, he revealed a new idea for the preparation phase in the game.

KingGeorge said:

“What if reinforcements took 1 second to put up only in prep phase. You could cut prep time down by 12 seconds, each reinforcement normally takes 7 seconds. Once the round starts, they take 7 seconds to put up like normal to prevent cheese strats. Would be a great change IMO.”

G2 Esports player Pengu replied:

“Dude, YES, ive been saying this since outbreak, it would make Mira/castle/jaegar/mute so much more bearable ESPECIALLY in pro play due to rotations. However bandit/vigil still has nothing to do but run around”

KingGeorge said:

“I think from a spectator perspective if they shaved the time off prep phase it would be great. It can save almost 3 minutes over a long game, and that is more time for more action”

Pengu replied:

“Not just for spectators, but also for players, in Siege there is so much downtime, pick phase, 6 pick, prep phase, run to building or wait for enemies, usually 30-45 seconds before an engagement, if you die early in the round prior its a LOT of waiting around”

KingGeorge replied:

“Agreed, hope they do it.”

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