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Former Rainbow Six Siege Player KingGeorge Shares His Opinion About The G2 Esports



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28-year-old American former Rainbow Six Siege player George Kassa, known as “KingGeorge” had played for teams like Continuum, Rogue, Vertical Gaming and more. Currently, he is a full-time streamer and a partner of the Twitch.

On 19 December, after G2 Esports lost their Six Invitational 2020 spot, he shared his opinion about the G2 Esports.

KingGeorge said:

“G2 are out of contention for the Six Invitational, absolutely nuts. Their only hope is Ubisoft giving them an invite spot (which imo they should). Imagine if someone told you a year ago this was going to happen, it was unthinkable.”

KingGeorge continued:

“Everyone saying G2 shouldn’t get the invite bc they had so many chances to qualify. Well every other team that isn’t qualified is in the same boat. G2 won the last 2 invites, 2nd at the major this year, 2 3rd places in EU PL. This invite is based off the whole year remember that.”

He added:

“Last point, people are arguing about whether a direct invite should exist. IMO it should not, that being said it’s happening, and I would put money G2 gets it. When, and IF they do, there is no other team with a better year that is not already qualified.”

You can read his tweets below.

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