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Former Rainbow Six Siege Player KingGeorge Wants This Changes In The Game



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George Kassa, known as “KingGeorge” is a former Rainbow Six Siege player who had played for teams like Rogue, Vertical Gaming and many more. Currently, he is a full-time streamer. On 15 July, he shared a list of features that he wanted to change in Rainbow Six Siege. Here are some features according to the KingGeorge.

KingGeorge said:

  • “All railing should be destructible like the railing on house, nothing worse than fighting someone
    on Kafe red stairs.”
  • “360 rappel + advanced rappel such as a click to mantel button.”
  • “Elo rollback is currently broken, right now if you are at 5000 elo peak for the season lose 500
    to cheaters now at 4500. Then you play win 400 back from legit players, 100 from a cheater
    you are at 5000 your peak elo for the season. If the people you lost 500 to get banned first
    then the 100 elo, you get 0 elo back and actually just lose 100 from the cheater you beat
    setting you at 4900. In my opinion you should get back all the elo you have lost, and all that
    you have gained should be removed.”
  • “Perspective has large issues especially when repelling upside down, you can see the enemies
    feet before they can see you. A few strong pixels have been removed but there are a lot of
    situations where you die with some of your body sticking out now with the perspective

Click here to read all the changes that KingGeorge wants.

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