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Former Team Liquid CS:GO Player nitr0 About Switching To Valorant: “It Would Be A New Goal For Me”



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Nicholas Cannella, known as “nitr0,” is a 24-year-old American in-game leader who had been playing for Team Liquid’s CS:GO roster since January 2015. At the start of this month, they part ways mutually.

nitro spoke in a recent interview with ESPN and talked about the new goals in his career while mentioning the times in Liquid.

In the conversation, nitr0 stated that he is considering all the options right now and admitted that switching to Valorant would be a new goal for him. nitr0 said that there are lots of opportunities for him in the Valorant scene.

Here is what nitr0 said:

“Right now, I’m just looking at all my options, and I just really want to pick what’s best for me. That’s kind of where I’m at right now.

Switching to Valorant would be a new goal for me. To be the best, I think there’s definitely a lot of opportunity for me. Valorant is a really cool game, there’s a lot to learn and do still with the game, with all these tournaments and creating new storylines and stuff like that.”

nitr0 also talk about being the best team in the world at the time:

“It was so much fun, going to tournaments and knowing you’re the best team in the world. People look at you differently, not physically but as a metaphor, on the server.

It was a really good feeling in the team, and we were just all vibing really good. It was really fun, just having that feeling, going to tournaments. Everything was just so good.”

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