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Former Team SoloMid PUBG Player Iroh Announces His Retirement: “I’m Gonna Be Inactive Indefinitely”



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Ömer Çakıldeveli, known as “Iroh,” is a 22-year-old Turkish PUBG player who had played for teams like Team SoloMid, Digital Athletics, WTSG, and more. Right now, he is a free agent.

As you might remember, there were lots of teams and players who retired from the scene due to the PUBG’s management on the esports scene, and recently, people have been criticizing them for changing the format for the upcoming PGI.S.

Iroh announced on his official Twitter account that he is retiring from the PUBG scene for now especially after these changes and said that he believes this is a step back for the PUBG esports scene. Furthermore, Iroh revealed that he will be grinding in Valorant and seek for opportunities in there.

Here is what Iroh said:

“After PGI.S concluded I often found myself thinking about taking a step away from PUBG because I think the newly introduced format is a big stepback for PUBG, competitive scene.

I do not see myself enjoy competing under such format therefore I am gonna be inactive indefinitely and in the meantime I will focus on streaming and probably grind a lot of Valorant to see if Ihave a future there.

PUBG turned my life around, these past 4 years I have seen great places and I’ve met countless nice people, made a lots of friends out of them that I will not break ties with and I can’t be thankful enough to this great game for all that it brought to me.

Thanks to everyone I’ve had the chance to play alongside to this day and everyone who supported me through thick and thin. I will be around.”

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