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Former Team Vitality CS:GO Player ALEX Mocks Team North For Bizarre Reason



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24-year-old British CS:GO Player Alex McMeekin, known as “ALEX,” had been playing for Team Vitality since December 2018. At the start of March 2002, he decided to step down from the scene.

During the recent match between Team North and Complexity Gaming, Team North was retaking the bombsite as a CT on Nuke, but they misunderstand the situation and tried to retake the wrong bombsite.

ALEX has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and mocked Team North because of this by mentioning the G2 Esports’ huge failure in the same map versus Astralis, which was they forget to defuse the bomb.

Here is what ALEX wrote:

“Are north looking for the bomb G2 lost ?”

A fan user named Locofps replied:

“Even in the professional scene, some people can’t locate the bomb in nuke with the sound.”

Another fan user named cr0wbar replied:

“Hahahaha and these players are getting paid to play the game.”

You can check his tweet below.

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