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Freakazoid Gets An Insane Ace With Reyna In Valorant



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Ryan “freakazoid” Abadir is a 28-year-old former American CS:GO player who is known for his time with Cloud9 in 2015-2016. Besides that, he tried out his luck with Swole Patrol, eUnited, and more.

After the Valorant came out, freakazoid started to grind in the newest FPS game and started to make livestreams on his official Twitch account. And yesterday, he shared an insane ace he got with Reyna on Icebox.

As you can see in the clip, Freakazoid was an attacker and trying to hit the A bombsite. He started the hunt with Reyna’s ultimate ability, and when he pushed in front of the pipes, he managed to kill the enemy Omen with a great Phantom spraydown. Then, he got out with Dismiss ability.

Freakazoid saw the enemy Reyna chilling on the A Screen when he was retreating back with the Dismiss. Later on, he peeked at the right side of the A side from the main entrance. After killing Sova, he immediately swang for towards the A screen and took down the enemy Reyna.

Then, he decided to check his behind while using the dismiss ability and went through the attacker’s side spawn. In the meantime, enemy Jett was flanking him and freakazoid managed to hit a great spraydown.

As for the last kill, freakazoid had to grab the Phantom on the ground and went to the A Nest. Even though the last spray was a bit shaky, Freakazoid managed to pull the clutch off and killed the Sage who was is A Rafters.

Here is what Freakazoid wrote:

“Little 1v5.”

You can check out the post below.

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