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FunPlus Phoenix Disband CS:GO Roster



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FunPlus Phoenix is a Chinese organization that has been competing in VALORANT, League Of Legends, and many more. Back in January 2021, the organization re-entered the CS:GO scene with the acquisition of the GODSENT roster.

Even though the roster had shown great results in the tournament in their time with GODSENT, they failed to perform since their acquisition. Lastly, they couldn’t even qualify for the PGL Major Stockholm.

Following the unexpected results, FunPlus announced on their official Twitter account today that they decided to move out from the Counter-Strike scene once again, saying that they will stop investing scene.

Moreover, the organization pointed out that they have been struggling to manage the team remotely and said that this was the main reason of their decision to leave the Counter-Strike esports scene.

While FunPlus Phoenix was saying that all the members in the team are available to explore their options, they also wished luck for every single member in the roster and farewelled the community.

FunPlus Phoenix announced:

“Today, we’ve made the decision to discontinue our investment in CS:GO division. In the last two years, we have experienced many ups and downs together, and we’ve made a lot of amazing achievements.

However, due to the limitations and difficulties during our remote management, we feel that a change has to be made. We are so grateful to our colleagues, companions and players for their hard works and dedication.

All our members now are available to explore more options in CS:GO esports, and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!”

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