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FunPlus Phoenix Valorant Player ANGE1 Says New Agent Skye Is Not Strong



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Kirill Karasiow, known as “ANGE1,” is a 31-year-old Ukrainian former CS:GO player who had played for Mousesports since 2014. In August 2020, ANGE1 joined Funplux Phoenix’s Valorant roster.

As you might remember, Riot Games recently announced the release of Act 3, alongside a new map and a new agent. This agent named Skye, and she is coming with the icy mold into the game.

Following the announcement, some of the people in the community was thinking about if Skye will be available for the next tournament and if it would be an unfair advantage to the players who tried the agent before the release date.

Ange1 seems like tried Skye out that he thinks she is not a strong agen at all. He stated that Skye wouldn’t be game changing agen, and he would placed in between C-D tier compared to the others.

The conversation started with G2 Esports’ Mixwell:

“The new agent gets released October 27th, First Strike starts November 9th.

Skye will be allowed for the tournament?”

CS:GO phenomenon DonHaci replied:

“Would give advantage to people who got to play with it so far behind the scenes, no? Did every single pro team get to test the new agent/map?”

Ange1 said:

“This 5-6 maps we played w new hero not gonna give any advantage, and tbh this agent not gonna be meta changer. I would rate it as C-D tier to be honest.”

You can read the tweets below.

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