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Furia Esports CS:GO Player arT Reveals What Changed After HEN1 Joined The Team



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23-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player Andrei Piovezan, known as “arT,” has been playing for Furia Esports since February 2018. Before that, he was playing for INTZ eSports. In his career, he earned over $100.000 from the tournaments.

A few days ago, during the talk with, arT explained what changed after Henrique “HEN1” Teles joined the team. asked:

“You’ve been rifling quite a bit more since HEN1 joined the team. How are you feeling in-game?”

arT replied:

“I feel more free now. I was stuck in most positions because I was AWPing, so I actually like the way I’m playing right now much more because I don’t have to hold angles, I can just look at the map, call, and rotate. I just need more time to adapt for the new playstyle I’m trying to do.” asked:

“Both you and MIBR have fallen off from your past form by a decent margin, why do you think that is the case?”

arT said:

“In the case of MIBR, the reason they are not stepping up is because they were changing players a lot, and it’s always hard get back on track after doing that.

For us, I would say we actually never hit the consistency we needed. We went up the rankings and beat a lot of teams, but we never had the consistency, that’s why we changed the lineup twice. Now, with HEN1, we are trying to find stability so that we can play at the same level against every team, every time.”

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