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FURIA Esports CS:GO Player VINI Reveals The Underrated Weapon



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Vinicius Figueiredo, known as “VINI” is a 20-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player who has been playing for FURIA Esports since February 2018. On 17 October, he replied to CS:GO mastermind DonHaci’s tweet and said that Galil is actually a good weapon.

DonHaci said:

“I am convinced the Galils sole purpose is to be a 2000$ bait rifle You buy it on an anti-eco as Ts, die on purpose to the last CT so they save the gun and then you challenge them on the next buy round because you know the dogshit gun wont kill you, getting a free entry. 200 IQ”

VINI replied:

“Galil is good”

You can read the tweets below.

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