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Furia Esports CS:GO Player VINI Talks About Their Communication On Their First Match With Junior



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Vinicius Figueiredo, known as “VINI,” is a 21-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player who has been representing Furia Esports for over three years. In his career, he earned around $200.000 from the tournaments.

Recently, Furia Esports played their first official match with their new player, Junior, on IEM Katowice, and VINI spoke in an interview with to talk about the communication inside the team.

In the conversation, VINI revealed that they had nearly zero problems on the communication side by saying that they were expecting it to be noisier. Also, VINI stated that mostly himself, arT, and Junior makes the talking inside the team.

Here is what VINI said:

“To be honest, communication was quite good, we expected it to be a lot noisier and to miscommunicate some words.

It was mostly me, junior and arT doing the talking to make things easier for KSCERATO and yuurih. I think we are improving a lot, we are taking English lessons and it’s been good.”

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