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Furia Esports Player arT Mentions The Two Important Factors About Aiming



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Andrei Piovezan, known as “arT,” is a 24-year-old Brazilian CS:GO player who has been playing under Furia Esports jersey for over three years. Before that, he was playing for INTZ Esports, paiN Gaming, and many more.

arT spoke in a recent interview with Rivalry Counter-Strike and talked about how to have a great aim as he mentioned the two important factors besides the reflexes.

As arT stated that reflexes and flicks are not that important for aiming, he also pointed out that having a great crosshair placement is the key to aiming because you don’t need to flick or show high reflexes if you have great crosshair placement. Also, he said that confidence is another key factor of having a great aim.

Here is what arT said:

“The thing about aiming, there is a misconception on the subject. People think aiming is like reflexes, but in Counter-Strike, there are some other things that are way more important and decides if you have a good aim or not.

Those things are crosshair placement, that means when you put your crosshair in a place that enemy will peek you or gonna be. That’s going to help you tremendously. So you don’t have to flick or you don’t have to have a good reflex.

So crosshair placement is something that you always should get better and also confidence. If you have those two things, you aim is definitely will look better.”

You can check out the full interview below.

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