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G2 Esports Announces Partnership With Betway



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Betway is one of the biggest companies in the CS:GO scene that has lots of partnerships. They are even partners with one of the biggest tournament organizers, BLAST.

Yesterday, European organizations G2 Esports and Betway announced their partnership on social media. As G2 Esports welcomed Betway to the G2 family, CEO of the G2 Esports Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez shared his feelings about this partnership.

While both of the companies announced that there will be new fresh content coming soon, G2 Esports also revealed that there will be more giveaways of G2 Esports jerseys, CS:GO skins, and many more.

G2 Esports is becoming the fifth team alongside Ninjas In Pyjamas, BIG Clan, Furia Esports, and MIBR to have a partnership with Betway, and it is clear to say that this agreement will definitely benefit for the both parties.

“2021 is full of good news for the G2 Army already. Betway has been around for a long while and has managed to stay relevant through great content and collaborations with key players,” Ocelote said. “They’ve been nothing but great at ensuring we can showcase all G2 brand attributes in everything we do together, and I can guarantee we’ll have a ton of fun in these next few years.”

Here is the official announcement from G2 Esports:

“What were the odds of this? We’d have bet on it! We are very excited to announce our global partnership with Betway, one of the world’s leading bookmaker companies, and welcome them to the G2 Army!

Known for their fun brand and playful social media presence, Betway and G2 will work closely together to create entertaining moments and content that defy the odds and keep you laughing. Here is a taste of what’s in store: Within the coming year, you can expect many new content formats together on G2 Esports and Betway channels.

Also, to celebrate the beginning of our story with Betway, we will be organizing multiple activities and giveaways: G2 Jerseys, CS:GO Skins, and more! So be sure to follow us on social media to not miss out!”

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