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G2 Esports Announces That They Joined The Apex Legends Scene



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G2 Esports is an esport organization based in Europe. Since their establishment, they have been competing for games like CS:GO, League Of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege and many more. On 2 September, they announced that they will be competing for Apex Legends professional scene.

G2 Esports is now:

Sebastian “Mimu” Vesala

Aaro “rette” Hälli

Niko “ZeroNothing” Suominen

Mimu said:

“To join such a reputable organization means the world to me. I’ve looked up to many of the G2 players from multiple different games over the years and to be part of the same family feels unreal”

rette said:

“I have looked up to G2 for many years and being part of this great and successful organisation means a lot to me. I’m super excited to see what the future holds. We’ve been performing very well as a team and the goal will be to stay on top by practicing a lot as a team and individually”

ZeroNothing said:

“I couldn’t be more proud and excited to be part of G2. I have been following the organisation and its players for a long time and it’s an honor to be representing them in apex legends. I hope we will achieve many great things on our way to the top”

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