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G2 Esports Coach maleK Shares His Thoughts About shox and Team Vitality



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33-year-old French CS:GO coach Damien Marcel, known as “maleK” has been working for Gb2 Esports since 2018. On 7 October, during the interview with, maleK shared his opinion about the shox and Team Vitality.

“How do you think Vitality will do with this change, with shox coming in?”

maleK said:

“he thing about shox, he is an amazing player, he can do anything if he wants to. When I say that, I mean that Richard needs to enjoy the game and what he’s doing to be good and bring a lot to a team. He can be an AWPer tomorrow, he can be a leader, he can be a co-leader, he can be an entry, he can be a lurker, I swear, he can do anything. Now, he’s even an anchor again like he was at the beginning. He has been a rotator for so long and he’s doing that very well, too. So, for shox, it’s really easy. You need to have a system where he feels great, where he feels happy to do the things he wants to do. “

maleK added:

“Now they have ZywOo, they have great staff around them, and ALEX is doing a good job, obviously. shox is happy now so they will do great. As long as their system is healthy and they are feeling good, they will be good. You can’t get away from that, they have the full package. The only thing that can happen is: it’s the French scene, it’s French CS, I don’t think I need to explain, saying “French” is enough. As long as they are fitting well and they are happy, they will be really good. Once you see them underperform then don’t try to see if he’s good enough, just understand that they are French, there are probably some issues somewhere. This is how it works.”

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