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G2 Esports CS:GO Player huNter Explains Why He Feels So Confident



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Nemanja Kovač, known as “huNter,” is a 24-year-old Bosnian CS:GO player who has been representing G2 Esports for over three months. Before that, he was playing for CR4ZY and Valiance. In his career, he earned around $100.000 from the events.

A few days ago, during the recent conversation with, huNter has stated that his teammate Audric “JaCkz” Jug is willing to do whatever he wants and he feels so confident because of that. asked:

“In London, nexa talked about finally settling in his own role after he had to change a lot to adapt to this team. How has it been from a team perspective, how comfortable are you with each other now, with the playstyle and communication?”

huNter replied:

“It was really hard at the beginning, we changed a lot of positions especially on CT side, where it was a big problem. nexa changed a lot, he gave everything for this team, and now he found himself, he’s playing really well, he just needed some time to feel comfortable. He’s doing a really good job. JaCkz – you don’t have those players, maybe three or four in the world, what he is doing for the team, going first everywhere. You don’t have that many players like him, when he dies first and I kill two guys for him he’s happy.

AmaNEk is doing a lot of shitty roles, as we say in CS:GO, he’s lurking, alone on the other side, everyone is doing everything for the team, and I’m feeling pretty good, too. I didn’t have those roles before, in CR4ZY and Valiance, and I have the best roles now on almost every map and I’m feeling really confident. Especially because I’m doing things with JaCkz, who is ready to do anything for me.” asked:

“I was listening to you at the end of the match against 100 Thieves and it sounded to me like there was absolutely no problem with JaCkz’s English in the game, what has his improvement been like in the communication area?”

huNter said:

“At the beginning, we knew it would be hard. Lately, he improved from month to month, he progressed a lot and he’s going to English lessons now and he’s progressing every day.

He’s been with me in the room since the beginning until now and I’m trying to help him a lot in the room, we talk a lot, we help each other. I will give everything for this guy because he is giving everything for me in the game. He’s improving a lot.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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