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G2 Esports CS:GO Player KennyS Might Switch To Valorant After Giving A Hint On Social Media



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Kenny “KennyS” Schrub is a 25-year-old French CS:GO player who is considered as one of the best AWP players in the game. Since February 2017, he had been playing under G2 Esports jersey.

About four days ago, KennyS was benched by the organization following the disappointments in the tournaments. After the day he was benched, there was a rumor that KennyS has been trying out Valorant and considering switching games.

Following these rumors, KennyS actually gave a hint to the community and confirmed that he had tried out Valorant by sharing a GIF of Jett, which is an agent that sniper rifle players use. However, there is nothing announced by KennyS.

After a short period, KennyS’ post went viral on social media and liked by over 20K people as well as retweeted over 1.5K times in less than only eighteen hours, which also shows that people are actually excited what is going to happen.

You can check out the post below.

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