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G2 Esports CS:GO Player nexa Reveals Why They Are Playing Great Right Now



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Nemanja Isaković, known as “nexa,” is a 22-year-old Serbian CS:GO player who has been playing for G2 Esports since September 2019. Before that, he was playing for CR4ZY and Valiance.

A few days ago, on a recent talk with, nexa has shared his thoughts about what is the reason they are playing so well currently. asked:

“You’ve been doing well from pretty much every angle, individually and as a team, but one way you perhaps stand out the most is in 4v5 situations, of which you’ve been winning a ridiculous amount – close to half. How do you manage that?”

nexa replied:

“We have this rule – it’s not really a rule, it’s just something that works very well for us because we have strong fraggers. If we’re in a 4v5, we don’t split, we just group four people and we trade, and then we play the clutch, and it’s been going great for us.

We just have strong individuals, JaCkz, huNter-, AmaNEk, and I would even say myself, I think I was pretty good as a trade-fragger or even entrying the bombsite. And having Kenny, 4v5 I just tell him “let’s go contact on your AWP,” he gets the first guy 90% of the time and when he does the rifles just know how to follow up.” asked:

“Do you feel like you can keep this up even without players performing this well individually, or do you think that level is more a result of the team chemistry?”

nexa said:

“I think we have good protocols, a good system, I have a really good stratbook, we always do good antistrat before every opponent ready, we have a proper game plan. It’s not so much about killing people – killing people, of course, always helps, but even without that we’ll still be able to win games.”

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