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G2 Esports’ huNter Says s1mple Deserves To Win PGL Stockholm Major



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Nemanja Kovač, known as “huNter,” is a 25-year-old Bosnian CS:GO player who has been playing under G2 Esports jersey for over two years. Previously, he had represented the teams such as CR4ZY and Valiance.

huNter spoke in a recent interview with Betway Esports and shared his thoughts about the upcoming major, PGL Stockholm 2021, as well as showing his respect for Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev.

Even though s1mple is considered as the best player in the world because he has been performing at top for the past five years, he hasn’t won a major tournament in his career. However, he might broke the curse in two weeks.

In the conversation, huNter pointed out that the Ukrainian player definitely deserves to win a major and touched upon the fact that they have been playing really good with Natus Vincere lately.

Besides the major title, the Bosnian player mentioned that s1mple also deserves to win the most valuable player award in this tournament and said that they are the favorites of PGL Stockholm Major.

huNter on who might win the major:

“I would say NaVi honestly or maybe Vitality but I would say more NaVi because they are a complete team now. s1mple deserves to win the major for sure and to be this MVP he’s great players. ZywOo as well but he’s still like new.

I would say s1mple is already [there] for a few years in CS and they’re doing really good lately with NaVi, they’re playing really good. I think simple deserve this major title and major MVP, so I would say NaVi.”

You can check out the full interview below.

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