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G2 Esports’ KennyS On Niko’s Addition: “Me And huNter Lost Space”



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Kenny Schrub, known as “KennyS,” is a 26-year-old French CS:GO player who has been representing G2 Esports for over three years. Before that, he was playing for Team Titan and Team Envy.

KennyS had been underperforming and putting inconsistent numbers across the boards for a while now, and after five months of Nikola “NiKo” Kovač’s addition to the roster, the French AWPer got benched.

The French superstar spoke in a recent interview with Dexerto’s Luis Mira and talked about the time when he got benched from the roster.

In the conversation, KennyS revealed that he started to work hard after the addition of Niko that he hadn’t done before because Niko was a really great and hard-working player, and he knew that he needed to step up.

Furthermore, KennyS touched upon the fact that there were three-star players in the team, Niko, huNter, and himself, and they all needed space to perform. Therefore, it was impossible to make everybody happy.

As KennyS said, the organization put lots of money to get Niko, so they gave him lots of room to get the best performance from him. According to Kenny, him and huNter lost space with the addition of Niko.

Unfortunately, Kenny started to underperform once again and the team decided to cut him off from the roster. However, Kenny mentioned that even though he was saddened in the first place, it was actually a relief for him.

KennyS talked about his current status in the interview:

“I began working really hard, which I hadn’t done my whole career. I thought, ‘I’m not the face of G2 CS:GO anymore. I’m playing with NiKo, a really great and hard-working player. I need to step up.

I think at some point it was not the right team for me. With ⁠JaCkz⁠ on the bench, we had three players that needed someone taking space for them, and we had just AmaNEk doing that.

It was really hard having three star players together and making all of them happy. When you know that NiKo comes in for a big amount of money, well, they better put him in the best possible positions. I lost space, and so did huNter.

He continued:

“Despite the fact that I was working a lot, they decided to bench me, and I can not blame them for that. Honestly, I was sad for an evening, but afterward, I was so relieved. It was a complicated situation for me.

You always see it coming. I was at a bootcamp with them just before I got benched, I can tell you that I felt it. I also wasn’t confident at all. I had bad performances. That is a fact. It was getting super hard for me.”

Later in the conversation, Kenny talked about the possibility of switching to Valorant and stated that he doesn’t even know if my future is still in CS:GO, but he doesn’t actually want to retire from the game.

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