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G2 Esports League Of Legends Coach GrabbZ Reveals Why They Lost 7 Games In This Split



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Fabian Lohmann, known as “GrabbZ,” is a 25-year-old German League Of Legends coach who has been working for G2 Esports since December 2017. Since then, he led G2 to win over 5 big tournaments.

GrabbZ spoke in the recent interview with Inven Global and revealed why they ended up finishing at the 5th place in the LEC 2020 Summer Split.

In the interview, GrabbZ stated that they didn’t have the full information about the current meta and struggled to find their picks in the matches. Also, he mentioned that they were picking the champions that create individual freedom, but there’s no individual playmaking in this meta, you are just hoping to win the team fights only.

Interviewer asked:

“It’s been a rocky summer season for you as a coach overall. Could you please walk me through it from your perspective?”

GrabbZ replied:

“We obviously don’t have the best preparation going into the week, and it shows. We have some drafts where it’s easy to say, in hindsight, “Yeah, if we would have known this-or-this, we would have drafted differently.

The main impact is that we’re not quite sure now where the meta lies. Today, there was the Senna: it didn’t appear too much; Upset played it a bit in solo queue, but we weren’t sure if he’s actually going to go for it, especially if other picks are open like the Ashe which I see more and Aphelios. If we end with two bot lane bans, and we still lose bot lane — not just matchup-wise, not even play-wise — the games are going to be hard.

We have lots of outside circumstances that impact our practice. Understandably, certain players aren’t in a great mindset to practice, so we give them the time to heal. We try to make the best of it. Our play is usually good. It’s just that with the current meta, side laning is not possible, or that’s how it feels like. There’s no champ that can go side lane pretty well; if you have a worse team fight comp, you just lose. That’s the main issue.”

Interviewer said:

“It sounds, on one hand, like a playstyle issue where everyone has to adapt to a completely different way of playing…”

GrabbZ responded:

“No, I wouldn’t say that. We don’t have the full information on the meta. This week, we played nine games of scrims, so there’s only a finite amount of time you have. Then, if you go into the game thinking ‘X is good’ and it turns out that it isn’t, then you lose, especially in a meta where there’s no individual playmaking, and just hoping that your 5v5 is better — and that’s even worse.

Usually, in the past, we would have champions who have more individual freedom, and they would be able to give us an advantage. But now, these champs don’t exist as much, so these issues get amplified.”

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