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G2 Esports’ Nexa Explains Why They Are Playing Better At Cologne



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Nemanja Isaković, known as “Nexa,” is a 24-year-old Serbian CS:GO player who has been playing under G2 Esports jersey for over one and a half years. Previously, he was playing for CR4ZY and Valiance.

Before the playoffs start for the first LAN event in almost two years, IEM Cologne 2021, the players spoke about the tournament during the press conference. Nexa was one of the players who got questions from the journalist, and he talked about their performance so far.

G2 Esports had made such roster changes since the addition of Nikola “NiKo” Kovač just to find the perfect chemistry, and they finalized the roster by benching Kenny “kennyS” Schrub. In IEM Cologne 2021, they have been beating all the expectations so far.

They have beat Complexity Gaming, BIG Clan, and the number one team in the world, Gambit Esports to pursue on playoffs. In the conversation, Nexa explained the key factor of their success in this tournament.

According to Nexa, playing on a LAN event is making their team stronger because they are being much energetic as well as building confidence compared to the online tournaments, and that’s why they are performing well in IEM Cologne 2021.

Nexa on their performance in Cologne:

“LAN. Just us going to LAN. I think we’re a different team on LAN, we have way more confidence, and just the energy and the mood that we have differs from the one that we show online. Coming here, I think we’re definitely showing that we can be a championship contender team.”

Later in the press conference, Nikola “NiKo” Kovač also mentioned that Natus Vincere is going to be a real test for them because they are playing much better in LAN events. As Niko said, they need to beat NaVi in order to win the tournament, which means that Niko believes they are going to face NaVi in the finals of Cologne.

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