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G2 Esports’ Pengu Makes A Bold Accusation For The Rainbow Six Siege Youtubers



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One of the best all-around players in the Rainbow Six Siege community, Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen, is a 22-year-old Danish player who has been playing for G2 Esports since August 2018, and he earned over $300.000 from the events.

Pengu took his official Twitter account to share his opinion about the Rainbow Six Siege Youtubers and explained the problem of them.

Pengu claimed that they are always playing in the low elo to make a content for their channels, but they use ‘champion rank’ thumbnail for the clickbait. Because of that, Pengu slammed these content creators and accused them as liars.

Here is what Pengu said:

“Man, the amount of ‘champion’ YouTubers playing against terrible gold players while chasing frags for content is ABSURD. And the worst part is the viewers are clueless, but r6tab and you find out real quick that half of the ‘champion’ gameplay are golds.

Not only is youtube already super deceiving as it only shows highlights, it makes people look insane & you poor in comparison, but people are also straight lying or hiding the elo they play in all for the title & thumbnail.”

A fan user named Cookie replied:

“It’s not that hard to find out that people aren’t champion or diamond.”

Another fan named Geoffrey replied:

“the worst part is when you can tell by how their opponents are playing.”

You can read the tweets below.

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