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G2 Esports Player Pengu Makes A Sad Announcement: “I Miss Rainbow Six Siege!”



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Niclas Mouritzen, known as “Pengu,” is a 22-year-old Danish Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing under G2 Esports for over one and a half years. In his career, he earned around $350.000 from the events that he attended.

Yesterday, Pengu has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and made a sad announcement about Rainbow Six Siege. He stated that he can’t play the game due to the cheaters and revealed how bad he missed the game.

Here is what Pengu wrote:

“I actually miss grinding Siege, I miss the endless nights of ranked, 5 stacks, meeting other players/new players and vibin, the game is just infested with cheaters, bugs & constant issues & complaints. I know it’s been said for years, but its really hitting hard at this time.

I wake up every day and I can’t make myself launch the game for any other reason than to stream ( which isn’t even ranked at this point, it’s unranked or sub-games ) or to scrim, both are my JOB, I don’t play the game out of fun anymore.”

Natus Vincere player Doki replied:

“It’s what I said on stream last night. Imagine tuning in to a huge siege streamer to just see him getting held in a frozen lobby for 3 hours by cheaters. It’s a sad time for the casual scene of siege, and it’s not being addressed (At least not publicly) at all.”

His teammate Kantoraketti replied:

“Imagine wanting to play to get better but you just can’t.”

Pengu said:

“Literally this. And there is no deathmath/tdm/warmup mode besides T-hunt to just get warm on, I can’t even do pre-pro league game warmup IN Siege, that’s third party games, csgo/aimtrainers”

You can check his tweets below.

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