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G2 Esports Player Pengu Roasts The Rainbow Six Siege



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21-year-old Danish Rainbow Six Siege player Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen has been a member of G2 Esports for over one year. On 5 October, he tilted so much that he smashed Ubisoft and Rainbow Six Siege. He said that game-breaking bugs, cheaters, etc. is so frustrating right now. He also shared clips from his games.

Pengu said:

“I am sick to my stomach of how terrible the game engine runs in year 4 of the game. every ranked game I face multiple ground breaking bugs that take away all my fun. this is back to back in terms of games.”

Pengu continued:

“These 3 clips ALL happened within a 30min timespan and are just a few examples, I can hand-pick 5 more that happened IN both of those games. ITS EVERY GAME, EVERY DAY AND ITS NEVER CHANGING. Sound is worse than ever ( again ) debree is worse than when the game was in BETA”


“Hatch drop ( longer clip ) all you hear is a slight “shuffle” sound RIGHT as I die, thats her dropping, FULL SPRINTING and shooting me. Debree is sticks to door on sky TWICE. on 2 doors. Third clip sofia stun goes off but doc isnt affected ( we win ) but we dont deserve it.”

He added:

“The other game we played we faced a full stack of cheaters / ddsoers, people who were champion with 2.7 KD & 70% win rate on level 75 accounts with over 50 games played. stats alone SCREAMS cheater, what happened? they cheated, left & ddosed”

You can check his tweet below.

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