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G2 Esports Player Pengu Slams Ubisoft: “Everything Is Wrong With Rainbow Six Siege!”



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One of the legendary players in the Rainbow Six Siege scene, G2 Esports member Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen, has shared his opinion about the status of the game on his recent stream on Twitch and revealed the problems of the game.

Pengu mentioned the lots of problems in the game like Bullet Holes, New Operators, Cosmetics and Skins, inconstancies, and many more. In two hours, Pengu showed all of these problems with his viewers and shared his thoughts about how to fix them.

Here is what Pengu captioned:

“Heya Nooters! Grab a cup of tea/coffee and enjoy.”

A fan named Alex added this comment:

“Ubisoft should archive all the arcade games so you can play them with friends in private matches.”

Another fan named Luca wrote:

“When you have to be concerned that the game is bending you over and you can’t trust that people are on or off cams is insane.”

You can watch the full video below.

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