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G2 Esports Player UUNO Reveals What People Don’t Know About Natus Vincere



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Aleksi Työppönen, known as “UUNO” is a 24-year-old Finnish Rainbow Sİx Siege player who has been playing for G2 Esports since May 2019. On 10 November, after Natus Vincere managed to win the Pro League Finals at Japan, UUNO revealed what is important about them.

Caster Interro said:

“Europe really does make them differently than every other region. Hats off to NaVi for a stellar performance in the Finals. I slept on your team in the regular season but you proved me wrong by winning it all. Hold that trophy high, lads”

UUNO replied:

“People dont remember that they came from CL and winning PL directly. Same as empire, insane.”

You can check the tweets below.

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