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G2 Esports Rainbow Six Siege Coach Sua Explains Why He Plays Rocket League Instead Of Siege



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Kevin “Sua” Stahnke is one of the greatest coaches in the Rainbow Six Siege scene. For over a year, he has been coaching for G2 Esports. Before that, the German former player was coaching for the ENCE.

On 25th January 2020, Sua revealed why he plays Rocket League instead of Rainbow Six Siege. He said that problems like cheaters, server issues, etc are really annoying.

Here is what Sua said:

“For those that wonder why i play Rocket League instead of Siege. Siege is my favorite game no question, but the servers, cheaters and stream snipers are way to annoying and instead of fun i get frustrated constantly.”

A fan user named Chowderhead replied:

“Same for me and Destiny. Siege will always be my love, but sometimes I need a break and doing a raid or two is turbo comfy.”

Sua replied:

“I played the shit out of Destiny 2 when i came out. Cleared the Leviathan pretty fast after release. Good times”

Chowderhead said:

“Honestly the PVE content still absolutely slaps. Last Wish is a raid that rivals Icecrown from WoW.”

Sua wrote this:

“I kinda lost the interest in Destiny 2. There was nothing to do, only events, which also got boring after a while.”

You can read his tweets below.

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