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G2 Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player CTZN To Ubisoft: “You Need To Fix This Problem”



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21-year-old British Rainbow Six Siege player Ben McMillan, known as “CTZN,” has been representing G2 Esports for over two months. Before that, he was playing under Natus Vincere jersey.

CTZN has shared his reaction to the newest update of Rainbow Six Siege and stated that all the changes are good. However, he stated that he wants from Ubisoft to fix the sound issues of the game.

Here is what CTZN wrote:

“Changes are great but I just want my sound to be fixed.”

A fan named Jack replied:

“But they give you beep beep devices use that instead of the actual sound or footsteps.”

Another fan user named Quasi replied:

“Yeah same, almost every time I launch the game I get the same sound bug.”

You can check out the post below.

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