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G2 Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player Pengu Explains The Most Concerning Part Of The BattlEye Ban Numbers



Professional player are warming-up before the matches all the time.

Niclas Mouritzen, known as “Pengu,” is a 23-year-old Danish Rainbow Six Siege player who has been considered as one of the best all-around players in the scene. Since August 2018, he has been playing for G2 Esports.

Yesterday, Ubisoft released a new anti-cheat blog on their official website featuring a graphics that shows the BattlEye bans per month. After a while, Pengu shared his thoughts about this update on his official Twitter account.

As you can see in the graphic, BattlEye banned so many players during August and September. However, this number went dramatically low in the next three month. Pengu wanted to mention to this fact and said that this is the most concerning part of this graphic.

According to Pengu, the worst period of the cheaters started in October, and seeing literally no bans during this period is one of the biggest problems of the game right now. Also, he wondered why Ubisoft and BattlEye couldn’t ban these players from the game.

Here is what Pengu wrote:

“The most concerning part about this for me is how many people they were able to ban in AUG/SEPT – and then how few were banned during OCT/NOV/DEC (and up until now).

Because those have been the times that felt the worst based off public view – surely thats a big part of the issue.

Less bans = more cheaters (obviously)
but during those fewer ban months, cheating went really rampant. So whats the problem in keeping the bans up? Is it a detection issue? Is it an acting issue? What is the issue? Because we all know cheating is really up there in amount.”

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