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G2 Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player Pengu Explains Why People Have No Hype For The New Seasons



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Niclas Mouritzen, known as “Pengu,” is a 23-year-old Danish Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing under G2 Esports jersey for over two years. In his career, he earned over $300.000 from the events.

Pengu took to his official Twitter account to explain why people are not excited about the new seasons and operations of Rainbow Six Siege by replying to the famous content creator named TheGodlyNoob.

In the post, Pengu mentioned that player and viewer numbers really low alongside the Youtube views and said that the content is supersaturated right now. Also, he pointed out that every new feature is leaking before it got announced and that’s why all the excitement lost for the community.

Here is what TheGodlyNoob said:

“Do you guys remember the days when we were hyped for new seasons? Now there is literally 0 hype because we’ve all been lied one too many times.”

Pengu replied:

“Player numbers and views barely go up, YouTube is super down and the content is super over saturate on content release. Plus everything is always leaked.”

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