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G2 Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player Pengu Grateful To Ubisoft



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On 16 May, Ubisoft released new season and operation with new operators. According to patch notes, Glaz has been nerfed, Nokk and Warden added to operator list as new season operators, new deployable shields and more. Danish professional player Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen played the test server on 24 May and shared his opinion to the public. He said that you should give feedback for all developers work in these changes.

Pengu said:

“Good first stream back! TTS is BANGING, game feels fluid, I love 90% of the new changes, maybe even more than 90% kafe is KILLER, good job Devs, A LOOOT of quality of life changes, a few bugs occured but its what TTS is for, I and you ! should all give feedback on those!”

Ex-pro player and streamer KingGeorge replied:

“Ya, new ops are not op, patch has so many quality of life changes it’s great.”

Pengu to George:

“I saw you got diamond super fast & clocked in a bunch of hours too! Its looking great!”

Caster Interro approached with humor:

“Yeah because @KingGeorge doesn’t have anything else to do.”

KingGeorge replied:

“Parker the silver warrior.”

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