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G2 Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player Pengu Says Hibana Needs A Nerf: “She Is Too Good”



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Niclas Mouritzen, known as “Pengu,” is a 23-year-old Danish Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing G2 Esports for over two and a half years. In his career, he earned over $300.000 from the events.

After the latest changes of Hibana, she can now choose how many pellets she can throw between 2, 4, and 6, and this made her one of the most flexible hard breachers in the game. Because of that, Pengu wanted a nerf for Hibana via his official Twitter account.

In the post, Pengu mentioned that Hibana is too strong right now due to the dynamics and counterplay options with a 2-pellet throw ability and said that it needs to be removed from the game, or something needs to be changed to open the hatch. Otherwise, they could reduce the number of pellets she has.

Here is what Pengu said:

“I think Hibana should only have the option between 4 and 6 pellets as it would directly play into hatch or wall – the ability to use only two pellets is too dynamic and counterplays every aspect of the enemy denying the wall, it makes hibana too good over other hard breachers.

Or you make it 6 pellets to open the hatch, or reduce the overall amount of pellets she has available (gadget ammo).”

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