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G2 Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player Thinks New Deployable Shields Will Be Overpowered



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Niclas Mouritzen known as “Pengu” is Danish Rainbow Six Siege player. He has been into R6 since 2016. He was identical with Montange which grants his team many championships. On 16 May, after Ubisoft revealed the upcoming updates, Pengu shared his opinion about the update notes.

Pengu said:

“I still believe the deployable shield is far too strong, favoring the person behind the shield due to peekers advtantage/prefire, itll be 50/50 fights more than skill dependend and in ranked it would really frustrating to deal with, other than that, PRETTY SPICY”

Famous Streamer TheGodlyNoob said about the deployable shields:

“This concept will never be good for the competitive aspect of the game, peeker’s advantage is a mess, even if you see there is someone behind the shield”

Pengu replied:

“itll never work as its too adjustable, mirror windows are so limited to very few things and have “easy” counters, this is a “walking” or changeable mirror window with ONLY explosions as counter, I was really hoping the feedback that was given would make it clear”

TheGodlyNoob replied:

“and if you place a mirror window, you have to place it on a reinforcement to not get shot at, with this you can literally place it anywhere and never get shot at”

Pengu said:

“Yeap. its better than before when it was a 1 way mirror, but even a two way Mirror I doubt itll be good, MAYBE on lan its okay? but when I did internal testing I won 90% of gunfights and also lost 90% on the other spectrum, it was REALLY hard to beat”

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