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G2 Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player UUNO Says He Will Be Back On Form In The Next Season



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Aleksi Työppönen, known as “UUNO,” is a 25-year-old Rainbow Six Siege player who has been representing G2 Esports for over one and a half years. Before that, he was playing for LeStream Esports and ENCE.

UUNO took to his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed his thoughts about his gameplay in this season while making a self-criticism.

Right now, G2 Esports is competing in European League 2020 Stage 2, and they are sitting in fifth place in the league. Also, UUNO is playing with a 0.83 rating in this tournament, which is one of the worst ratings he had in his career.

In the post, UUNO stated that he has been thinking about his game style and found out why he was underperforming in this season. Afterward, UUNO said that he already started to change his game style to improve himself and claimed that he will be ready for the next season.

Here is what UUNO said:

“Spent some time thinking and studying my game this season and I know why I have been struggling invidually and already started changing gamestyle in scrims.

This season is almost over but atleast I am gonna be ready and back in form for next one.”

You can read the post below.

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