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G2 Esports Renew The Contract With Heatstone Player Thijs



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Thijs “Thijs” Molendijk has been playing for G2 Esports since 2015 and since then, his total earnings from tournaments reached almost $400.000. On 5 June, G2 Esports announced that they renew the contract with Thijs.

Thijs said:

“I joined G2 four years ago when the organization was just starting up. It makes me super happy to be part of the insane growth that Carlos and the team have accomplished. G2 has always believed in me and I’m very thankful they have given me the opportunity to both follow my drive as a competitive player and joy as a full-time streamer. My goals for this year are to win more titles (and cars) together and entertain people daily on my Twitch channel. Passion is what we have shared since day one in G2 and that is what I feel from every member of the organization that is working super hard every day. Let’s go G2!”

CEO of G2 Esports  Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez said.

“Thijs is a fantastic role model for the Hearthstone community and G2 at large. His unique mix of skills, self awareness, and empathy makes him the ideal G2 Samurai. I know that he will continue to make us proud and I look forward to seeing how he continues to grow under the G2 Esports banner.”

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