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G2 Esports Signs AMANEK for CS:GO Roster



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On 7 March 2019, G2 Esports announced that they sign huge riffler François Delaunay, known as “AMANEK“.  Also Alexandre “bodyy”  Pianaro was benched. After a big time of failure from G2, they decided that CS:GO team need to has more firepower.

AMANEK said:

“I am very excited to join G2 Esports! My aspirations have not changed since I started playing in competition. I want to be the best version of myself, I want my team to be the number one in the world and I will do everything I can to achieve this goal.”

CEO of G2 ocelote said:

“In our quest to be number one in CS:GO, we are on the lookout for opportunities to improve our lineup. The moment we realized AMANEK could improve our team and help return it to winning form, we decided to move forward with haste. We’re deeply confident in our current upwards trend and are convinced that AMANEK will return French CS:GO to its former glory”

bodyy‘s announcement after he was benched:

“This is the end of a long journey in G2, 3 years ago, I was picked up from LDLC White to join the team then composed of RpK, ScreaM, shox & SmithZz. I am very grateful for the trust they have placed in me, for all the experience they have given me, for the development as a player and as a person, and for the many unforgettable moments I have lived over the past few years.”

“Nonetheless, I really enjoyed playing with my new teammates, Lucky & JACKZ, I have no doubt that they have a bright future ahead of them, I think they will really go far if they continue along this path. Likewise for Kenny and Richard, they are on the right track to get back to their highest level, I have no doubt that they will do it very soon. I would like to thank Richard, Jérôme and G2 in particular who have made this long journey with me, they have always trusted me, in my good and bad moments, they have always supported me to continue growing and to stay on the track to reach my full potential.”

shox for the roster change:

“It’s been now 3 years that i’m working with body and the WESG will mark our last event together. We are involved into a process since the beginning of the year in which everyone in the team are fully commited. Even if body has defintely contributed to this recent development and showed some progress lately, it appears that we need a change to reinforce our system. I’m sure that Amanek will find his place kinda easily in the team and that he will brought us a lot of good things for the team. I wish nothing but the best to Alex and hope that he will bounce back shortly in this shuffle period, it’s been a pleasure working with u bud, see you at my wedding”

KennyS said:

“Despite the positive signs of the Major and a good preparation from where we all felt the benefits, bodyy is going to leave us. This decision was primarily made to get the team to a next step. It is never easy to let a friend go, we have spent years playing together and sharing a lot, living almost everything together. I wish him all the best, I’m gonna miss you Alex! On the other hand, we are welcoming AMANEK to the team and I think this change will give us more consistency in many areas of the game, bringing him into the team will allow us to play positions and roles that some players feel more comfortable with. Also, he’s a beast!”

Click here for source and you can read shox’s announcement from here, KennyS’s announcement from here, bodyy’s announcement from here.

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