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G2 Esports Valorant Player Mixwell To The Community: “Stream While You Still Can”



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24-year-old Spanish former CS:GO player Óscar Cañellas Colocho, known “Mixwell,” had played for teams like Cloud9, Optic Gaming, and more. Since June 2020, he has been playing Valorant for G2 Esports.

Mixwell took to his official Twitter account to share his opinion about the streaming opportunity in Valorant and explained why everybody should do it.

In the post, Mixwell stated that people can create their fan base while streaming and playing in the tournaments at the same time before Riot Games brings the licenses for the tournaments, and they should take their chances as soon as possible.

Homeless Valorant player dephh said:

“13-5 on bind vs TSM – 1-1. Split next. Let’s get it!”

Mixwell replied:

“No stream?”

A fan named Nis wrote:

This is what separates G2 from everybody at the moment. No fear, just better, and creating the best content. without tournament streams with comms we wouldn’t have #nicedavid”

Mixwell said:

“Those who don’t take the opportunity to stream and create fanbase now will regret it in the future when tournaments have all the licenses to stream them, but everyone is free to do whatever they want.

And this advice comes from someone that started doing it not too long ago, I didn’t do it while I was a csgo player and I am trying to do things better now.”

You can check out the post below.

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