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“G2 Esports Wasn’t Playing As A Team” G2 Esports League Of Legends Coach Nelson Says



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Indonesian League Of Legends coach Sng Yi-Wei, known as “Nelson,” has joined G2 Esports as a strategic coach in May 2021, and he started to work with the team since then for the LEC Summer 2021 split.

Before joining G2 Esports, Nelson worked for such teams as Hong Kong Esports, HK Attitude, Vivo Keyd, and lastly for Chinese organization LNG Esports. Joining G2 Esports will be his first experience in the western regions.

During a recent interview with Hotspawn, Nelson talked about the differences between the Asian teams and the western teams, as well as what changed in G2 Esports for the LEC Summer 2021 after he joined the organization.

As you might recall, G2 Esports played one of the worst seasons in their history in LEC Spring 2021, and become the third best team in Europe behind MAD Lions and Rogue. Besides being the third-best team, they also underperformed in lots of the matches.

In the conversation, Nelson mentioned that G2 Esports wasn’t playing as a team before, even when Luka “Perkz” Perković was playing for them. Because of that, they couldn’t beat the best teams in the world, and they were so inconsistent.

Therefore, he is trying to make them a better team right now. One of the things he is trying to make is making everybody agreed on the strategy and making every member of the team be on the same page.

Interviewer asked:

“Without revealing too much of the team’s strategy, can you give an example of what you saw them consistently do wrong? Perhaps what stood out to you as a priority to get fixed with the team?”

Nelson replied:

“I mean, I don’t want to leak any strategies, right? But basically, G2 was not playing as a team. Even last year. Even in 2020, with Perkz, they were not playing as a team, which is why they could not beat the very best teams and why they were not consistent enough. They weren’t playing together as a team.

I wouldn’t say that they didn’t know, but they didn’t think about how the top lane might affect the bottom side jungle, or how the top lane affects the bot lane. Stuff like that. It’s just that every member of the team has to be on the same page, but most of them weren’t on the same page for the entirety of 2020 and in Spring 2021.”

At the end of the conversation, Nelson also talked about goals of G2 Esports, and he revealed that they are aiming to qualify for the League Of Legends World Championship as well as winning the LEC Summer 2021, but winning the Worlds is not a realistic goal for them right now.

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