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G2 Goga Reveals What He Thinks About Balancing Rainbow 6



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Rainbow 6 has joined esports scene recently. Lots of people -including professional players and streamers- giving their opinions about how they can make Rainbow 6 more balanced and consistent.

G2 Esports player Daniel “Goga” Mazorra Romero has tweeted:

“3 speed operators should make noise like a 3 armor operator, for balancing purposes. Just so at least we could hear if someone is sprinting 2 meters far away from us.”

Streamer/Youtuber TheGodlyNoob said:

“funny cause 3 armor ops already sound like 3 speed ops aka don’t make a fucking sound more than half the time”

Goga responded:

“then they should make noise like a 6 armor kappa”

See the tweets below.

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