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G2 Pengu Thinks Rainbow Six is Frustrating Now



21 years old superstar Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen, one of the most pro players that Siege community loves to watch. On 17 March, he said that Rainbow is not fun anymore, its frustrating during the conversation between caster named Parker Mackay, known as “Interro“. Here is the conversation.

Spacestation Gaming player Chala tweeted:

“i need to stop solo queueing”

Interro replied to Chala‘s tweet and said:

“Words that describe the thoughts of every single person who has ever played Rainbow 6: Siege.”

Pengu replied to Interro:

“Siege is facing a massive issue with the mechanics such as kaid, if you DONT pick thatcher you have 0 counterplay and cannot breach, both thermite + thatcher has to be picked, NOT DIE and communicate the thermite + emp trick synergi, siege is heading in the wrong direction”

Interro said:

“Operator bans will help. But I wish the complete Pro League settings were coming to Ranked. One or two settings are not enough; give me the FULL PL experience. We need it.”

Pengu replied:

“Full proleague settings and maps should of been in the game year(s) ago, crouch walking should be patched, sound, bugs ( sofia sound bug is still a thing after 8 months ) everything is taking “too” long, the core foundation is ROTTEN and we keep pushing new content”

“You cant keep making new content, maps and operators, if the previous ones arent balanced yet, as well as the introduction of even more and more bugs, the game isnt FUN to play at the moment, its FRUSTRATING to play, to deal with that many bugs for so long as a bare minimum”

You can check the tweets below.


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