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Game Dev Reveals If Lady Gaga Will Be In Cyberpunk 2077



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CD Projekt RED team member and the brain of the team Alvin Liu made a recent interview with WCCFtech and revealed the long-time requested Lady Gaga will be on Cyberpunk or not.

Here is the conversation below.

Of course, the big reveal at E3 was Keanu. Can you talk a bit about how that happened?

“Absolutely. What we wanted to do is to find the right celebrity match. It couldn’t just be someone from a romantic comedy movie or something.”

“Yes. I mean, there were rumors about Lady Gaga!”

“She’s pretty cyberpunk, so she could fit in! But um, yeah, no Lady Gaga. A lot of people in studio love The Matrix, Johnny Mnemonic, Speed and all that stuff and he was just a really good match for our game genre and what we’re trying to do. When we approached him he was like ‘Yeah, I understand the artistic vision behind this, I can get behind it.’ He was just on board with it, which was great.”

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