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Gen.G Esports CS:GO Player BnTeT: “I’m Not Sure Why We Fall Apart”



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Hansel Ferdinand, known as “BnTeT,” is a 25-year-old Indonesian CS:GO player who has been playing for Gen.G Esports since December 2019. Before that, he was playing for TYLOO since 2017.

During a recent interview with, BnTeT revealed his thoughts about the performance issues of them in 2020 and talked about what is his new career plans for the future.

In the conversation, BnTeT stated that he doesn’t really sure about why they fall apart, but he guessed that the online era could be the reason. Also, he stated that he wants to play in Europe because most of the top-tier teams are playing from there.

Interviewer asked:

“Your results were looking promising in the first half of the season with the Anaheim and Road to Rio victory and a couple of deep runs. Why did it fall apart after that?”

BnTeT said:

“Yeah, I agree, everything looked perfect until after the Road to Rio victory, we managed to win DreamHack Open Anaheim as well, our first LAN tournament together. I’m not quite sure why we fell apart, but maybe it was because we couldn’t keep up our performances with a lot of online matches.”

Interviewer asked:

“What plans do you have now that you’ve been allowed to seek options outside of Gen.G? Have you received any offers yet? What kind of offer would you accept?”

BnTeT replied:

“My plans are obviously to play in Europe or North America. I want to play in Europe because I feel that every top team will be there. And yes, I’ve received some really interesting offers and I’m still working on that.”

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