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Gen.G Esports CS:GO Player Daps Talks About The Possible Role Changes: “That Would Be Unnecessary”



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Damian Steele, known as “daps,” is a 26-year-old Canadian CS:GO player who had played for teams like Optic Gaming, Cloud9, NRG Esports, and more. Currently, he is playing for Gen.G Esports.

After the loss against Evil Geniuses, daps congratulated them via sharing a tweet on his official Twitter account, and a fan named Isaiah replied to his tweet.

Isaiah asked that if daps ever consider about taking the AWP role and giving the rifle to the Timothy “autimatic” Ta. Daps replied to this tweet and stated that they won half of the events they attended and that’s why this would be unnecessary.

Here is what daps said:

“They were on point this time, ggwp to Evil Geniuses. Brehze is too strong.”

A fan named Isaiah replied:

“Daps have you considered taking the AWP role and giving a rifle to auti? It’s a change I think that’ll fix a lot of your problems.”

daps replied:

“We have won 2 out of the 4 events we’ve played this year so I’ll kindly disagree with your expertise. Practicing and innovating is difficult mid tournament because we also can’t scrim half the teams because we play them in every match. The loss of EU bootcamps makes it difficult.”

You can read the tweets below.

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