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Gen.G Esports CS:GO Player daps: “We Have Still Working On About The Communication”



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One of the greatest minds in the CS:GO scene, Damian Steele, known as “daps,” is a 26-year-old Canadian player who has been representing Gen.G Esports for over two months. Before that, he was playing for Cloud9.

A few days ago, during the interview with, daps has stated that they are still working on the communication issue with their newest addition, Hansel “BnTeT” Ferdinand. asked:

“With BnTeT having been the in-game leader for TYLOO, how much does he help contribute to your calling during games?”

daps replied:

“On the T side, it’s mainly autimatic and I who do most of the calling. Generally, I call every freezetime and then autimatic and I will do the mid-rounding, but everyone contributes with ideas.”

He added:

“Once BnTeT’s English gets better, probably in three to four months, he’ll be able to add more input, but right now there is still a communication barrier that we’re working on.

His main impact at the moment is on our CT sides with s0m, they play most sites together and I think his experience and attitude really help them as a duo.”

Also, daps shared his thoughts about BnTeT:

“For BnTeT, we didn’t think it was even possible to get him until we got some intel that he was willing to come on board, so once we found that out it really was a no-brainer. He’s been the best player in Asia, alongside jks if you count him, so it just made sense to get him.”

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