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Gen.G Esports Player BnTeT Explains How It Feels Like To Play In North America



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Hansel Ferdinand, known as “BnTeT” is a 24-year-old Indonesian CS:GO player who was playing for TYLOO since March 2017. On 22 December 2019, after Gen.G Esports announced their new roster in CS:GO, they agreed with him as a 5th player.

On 30 December 2019, during the interview with, he revealed how it feels like to play in an international squad and how he feels about playing in North America.

BnTeT said:

“I always wanted to play internationally, and playing in North America was my goal.”

BnTeT continued:

“I had received some offers before Gen.G but the situations and timing didn’t allow it to happen, so I couldn’t take those offers. Moving to North America is going to be a new challenge, a new environment. I don’t know what it’s like to live in North America or the situation there, so it’s going to be exciting. Doing this was my goal so now I’m just happy and grateful that I can finally make the move.”

He added:

“I am happy that I do not have to be the IGL”

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